Solid State Electronics

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  1. Introduction:charge; Current and current density; resistivity and conductivity; Ohm’s law; Electric and magnetic fields; Forces on charges; Potential and kinetic energy; One dimensional Gauss law; potential; one dimensional Poisson’s equation.
  2. Basics:Drift velocity; mobility; Diffusion; mean free path and collision interval; semi-conducting materials;  energy quantization; Pauli exclusion principle; de-Broglie wave length; Band theory of solids; Atomic bonding.
  3. Semiconductors: Intrinsic semiconductors; Electrons and Holes; Doping; Extrinsic semiconductors; p-type and n-type; Fermi-distribution and intrinsic Fermi level; Density of states; Electron and Hole number densities; Doped semiconductors and carrier concentrations.
  4. Semiconductors in equilibrium:Diffusion and Drift current densities and the combined current equation; Einstein relation and constancy of the Fermi level; Carrier concentrations revisited; Equilibrium band diagrams; non-uniform doping; applied electric field; Space charge regions; Junctions.
  5. Non-equilibrium semiconductors:Generation and recombination rates; Direct gap semiconductors; Indirect gap semiconductors; Minority carrier decay in time; Minority carrier decay in space; Diffusion equation and its solution.
  6. PN junction diode:Charge distribution and the equilibrium band diagram; Forward and reverse biased junction and carrier motion; Biased band diagrams; Built in potential; minority carrier injection; Diode law; Drift and diffusion currents in the diode; Depletion region electrostatics and parameters; Break down mechanisms.
  7. AC effects:Differential resistance; Junction capacitance; Diffusion capacitance; small signal equivalent circuit of a PN junction;  Transient response and switching times; Real diodes; Rectifier diodes; small signal diodes; Zener diodes; Varactor diodes;