Electromagnetic Theory II

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  1. Time-Varying Fields and Maxwell’s Equations:Faraday’s Law; Displacement current; Point form and Integral forms of Maxwell’s equations; Electromagnetic Boundary Conditions; Wave equations and their solutions; Time Harmonic Fields.
  2. Transmission Lines:General Transmission Line Equations; TL Parameters; Lossless propagation; Lossless propagation of sinusoidal voltages; Complex analysis of sinusoidal waves; Solution of Transmission line equations in phasor form; lossless and low loss propagation; Power transmission and losses; Wave reflections; VSWR; Finite length TL; TL’s as circuit elements; Smith Chart; Transient Analysis; 
  3. Uniform Plane Electromagnetic Waves: Plane Wave propagation in lossy and lossless Media; propagation constant; intrinsic impedance; phase velocity, phase constant; attenuation constant, wave length; Flow of electromagnetic power and Poynting's Vector; Skin effect; Polarization of waves; Normal Incidence at Plane Conducting Boundary; Normal Incidence at a Plane Dielectric Boundary; SWR; Reflection from multiple interfaces; Propagation in arbitrary directions; Oblique Incidence at Plane Conducting Boundary; Oblique Incidence at a Plane Dielectric Boundary (Perpendicular Polarization and Parallel Polarization); Refraction index; Total Reflection and Total Transmission; Dispersion and Pulse expansion;
  4. Guided Waves and Radiation:Rectangular waveguide; Introduction to optical Fibers; Antennas basics.