Electromagnetic Theory I

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  • Vector Analysis: Scalars & vectors; Vector algebra; The Cartesian coordinate system; Vector components and unit vectors; Vector field; Dot product; Cross product; Cylindrical coordinate system; Spherical coordinate system.
  • Electrostatics: Coulomb law; Electric field intensity; Field of several point charges; Field of a continuous charge distribution; Electric flux density; Gauss’s law; Examples for Gauss law; Divergence; Maxwell’s first equation; The del operator and the divergence theorem. Energy expended in moving a point charge in and Electric field; Line integral; Potential difference and potential; Conservative Field; Potential gradient; Dipole; Energy density.
  • Materials: Current and current density; Continuity of Current; Metallic conductors; Conductor properties and boundary conditions; Method of images; Dielectrics, Boundary conditions for dielectrics; Capacitance.
  • Poisson’s and Laplace’s equations: Examples of the solution of the one dimensional Laplaces and Poisson’s equation.
  • Magnetostatics: Biot-Savart law; Amperes law; Curl; Stokes theorem; Magnetic flux and magnetic flux density; Vector Magnetic potential; Magnetic materials and permeability; Magnetic Boundary conditions; Magnetostatic energy; Inductance and Mutual inductance; Summary of Maxwell’s equations for static fields.