Plant Breeding

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Introduction 1. History and role of plant breeding in society 2. Plant reproductive Systems 3. Plant genetic resources for plant breeding Quantitative genetics Breeding self-pollinated Species 1. Mass selection. 2. Pure-line selection. 3. Pedigree selection. 4. Bulk population. 5. Single-seed descent Breeding cross-pollinated Species 1. Mass selection in cross-pollinated species. 2. The concept of recurrent selection. 3. Methods of half- and full-sib selection. 4. The development of synthetic cultivars. 5. The application of the backcross technique in cross-pollinated species. Breeding hybrid cultivars 1. The historical background of hybrid seed development. 2. The concept of hybrid vigor. 3. The genetic basis of hybrid seed development. 4. The steps in the procedure of hybrid breeding. Biotechnology in plant Breeding 1. The basic steps in genetic engineering. 2. The enabling technologies of genetic engineering. 3. The concept of molecular breeding. Breeding of clonally propagated plants. 1. The importance of cell and tissue culture in plant breeding. 2. The method of in vitro selection for generating variability. 3. The method of somatic hybridization 4. The characteristics of asexual propagation that have breeding implications.