91st Annual Meeting of TRB

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Research Title: 
Estimating Optimum Timings for Maintenance Treatments to Alleviate Pavement Surface Rutting
Dwaikat M.B
Haider S.W., and
Sun, 2012-01-22
Research Abstract: 
The evaluation of the pavement preservation interventions is the most important component of pavement maintenance management. There is a need for a rational methodology to evaluate pavement preservation alternatives to maximize both project and network level benefits. Lack of adequate guidance on the timings of preventive maintenance treatments was the main motivation for this study. Based on different effectiveness criteria, mathematical models to estimate optimum timing (OT) of maintenance treatments are developed to alleviate surface rutting. The Area2T model based on the long-term benefits was found to be a rational and a practical tool to estimate OT for various maintenance treatments by adjusting its parameters. The sensitivity and practical usage of the models are demonstrated by using the SPS-3 pavements in the paper. While the modeling approach uses the existing understanding, the model can be used to estimate OT of a fix based on the pre-treatment pavement performance, jump and slope adjustment factors for various treatment types. The required data for the model can be obtained for various treatments from the existing historical performance data collected for pavement management purposes. The results show that slurry and chip seals can be applied on younger pavements when rutting is minimal. However, thin overlays applications on older pavements with higher levels of rutting will maximize the long-term benefits.