Environmental Engineering 1 (108 plan)

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61352 Environmental Engineering I - Department: Civil Engineering Prerequisites P1 : General Chemistry I (23101) Or General Chemistry Lab. I (23107) Course Contents: Introduction to environmental systems, problems, and pollution. Pollution sources, impacts, and controls for water, air, and soil. Solid waste management. Noise pollution. Water and environmental quality, standards, conservation and management Course Objectives Introduce the students to the environmental science and engineering principles, theories in order to provide successful career and life-long learning. Develop students’ capabilities towards innovation and creativity in environmental systems analysis Introduce students to real life problems including hand-on experience. Learning Outcomes and Competences 1 Describe environment and its pollution analyze environmental systems based on mass balance 2 Quantify and assess environmental quality parameters and water pollution 3 Quantify air pollution, and its effects on micro, meso and macro scales, and to determine how to apply preventive measures 4 design solid waste management systems (collection, transfer and disposal), and to preliminary design a sanitary landfill 5 Be familiar with the principle of risk assessment Text Book: Makkenzie L. Davis and Susan J. Masten. Principles of Environmental Engineering and science, 2nd edition, McGraw-Hill, 2009. References: 1. Gilbert, M. Masters and Wendell P. Ela. Introduction to Environmental Engineering and Science. 3rd Edition. Prentice-Hall, Inc., 2007. 2. Makkenzie L. Davis and David A. Cornwell. Introduction to Environmental Engineering. 5th Edition. McGraw-Hill, 2011. Assessment Criteria First Exam 25 % Second Exam 25 % Final Exam 50 % Week Subject 1 Introduction to Environmental Engineering and Systems 2, 3, 4 Material Balances 5, 6, 7 Water Quality Management: Rivers and Streams; Groundwater FIRST EXAM 8, 9, 10 Air Pollution 11, 12, 13 Solid Waste Management SECOND EXAM 14, 15 Risk Perception, Assessment and Management 16 FINAL EXAM