Conference Research Title Datesort icon
the Civil Service: Reality and Challenges The civil service of the Arab citizens and the role of the Arab local authorities Fri, 2012-12-07
the 38th Annual conference of the Israeli Anthropological Association Change in ArabChange in Village Under Jewish Domination: The Case of Musmus Village, Israel Mon, 2009-12-28
The Jewishness of the State of Israel and the Arabs in Israel: A Future Perspective The Crisis in Arab Local Authorities in Israel: Relationship with the Jewishness of the State of Israel Fri, 2009-12-18
Violence Among Arabs in Israel: Dimensions and Consequences Violence at Arab Schools in Israel: Is There a Way Out? Mon, 2009-12-14
The 26 Annual Conference of the Association for Israeli Studies Ethnic Minorities, Land and Israeli Politics Thu, 2009-12-10
Economy, Politics, and Security: Global and Regional Changes Is There a Solution to the Conflict Between Jews and Arabs in the Holy Land? Thu, 2008-12-25
The Palestinian Forum of Israeli Studies Israeli Political Development in 2005 Thu, 2006-04-20
The Palestinian Forum of Israeli Studies Hamas Victory in the Palestinian Election in West Bank and Gaza Strip: The Israeli Prespective Tue, 2006-03-07
conference at Haifa Israeli Political Development: Reflection of the March Elections Thu, 2005-12-22
Israel in the International Arena Israel and the Arab Spring: The Impact on Israel
Differences and Pluralism From an Islamic Perspective The Moslem Movement in Israel
26th Annual International Conference of the Association for Israel Studies (AIS) Rhetoric and Practice Toward Peace in the Holy Land: The Case of Benjamin Netanyhu
Change Plans in the Middle East and Their Prospect The Zionist Plan: Strengths and Weakness
Walls: Antecedents and Consequences of Segregation and Integration Is it a Protracted Social Conflict?
The Gaza Battle: What Next? The War on Gaza: Strategic Implication on Israel
Global, Regional, and Local: Law, Politics, and Society in Comparative Perspective The Six Day War, 1967: Revisited
Haifa International Conference for the Right of Return and the Secular Democratic State in Palestine The Palestinian Question, from Understanding the Conflict, to Defiance: Theory and Practice
Democratic Citizenship and War The 2006 War on Lebanon: Impact on Arab Citizens of Israel
23th annual International conference of the Association for Israeli Studies Track II Diplomacy: Application to the Arab Palestinian-Israeli Conflict
Russian-speaking Jewry in Global Perspective: Power, Politics and Community Non-Jewish Russian-speaking Immigrant in Israel: Religious Identity and Relationship with Arab Citizens
American Political Science Association annual conference Transnational Influences on Ethnic conflicts: Impact on the Palestinian Arabs in Israel
the annual conference of the Association for Israeli Studies Arab and Jewish College students in Israel: Attitudes Toward Collective Grievances
the annual conference of the Association for Israeli Studies From Relative Deprivation to Political Violence: Arabs in Israel
Third International Conference on Teacher Education Almost 2000: Crises and Challenges in Teacher Education
Pluralism in the Arab World Arabs in Israel: their conflict with the state