Computer Architecture I

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  1. Introduction
    • Basic Components of a Computer: datapath and controller.
    • Importance of the Compiler as related to the hardware.
    • History of Computers..


  1. Performance Analysis

       MIPS, MFLOPS,  comparing  performance of different architectures.


  1. Instruction Set Design
    • What makes the computers fast ?
    • Computation of Execution time, CPI, and MIPS.
    • Accumulator machines, register machines, stack machines, and memory –memory machines.
    • Instruction Set Format and addressing modes
    • Detailed study of the MIPS Instruction set.


  1. ALU Design
    • Add, subtract,  compare and other ALU operations.


  1.  Floating point Arithmetic.
    • Hardwired Multipliers
    • Booth Algorithm.
    • Division Algorithms.
    • Floating Point representation: IEEE 754.


  1. Processor Design.
    • MIPS processor datapath
    • Single and multicycle implementations  of mips
    • Controller Design: Hardwired controller and Microcode