Building Economics, Quantity Surveying, and Cost Estimation

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Fifth Year
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This course addresses the economic aspects of buildings construction including life cycle perspective as a recent trend in the construction industry. The course was designed carefully to provide students with the required practical skills to estimate the construction cost of various design alternatives using various cost estimation methods. The topics which are discussed in readings, lectures and case studies are selected to give the students a comprehensive understanding of project delivery systems, construction contracts and bid procedures, quantity surveying and cost estimate, in addition to life cycle costing. The course covers three main themes which are: bids procedures and contract administration, quantity surveying and cost estimation, and life cycle costing.This course highlights the economic aspects of the green building and introduces life cycle costing as a recent trend in the construction industry. The course also teaches the methodology, procedures and techniques involved in preparing and managing bids and contracts, bid and contract documents, construction contracts types, projects delivery systems, the roles and responsibilities of construction parties, quantity surveying methods, preparing Bill of Quantities. Ethical considerations in bidding and contracts are also discussed.