Development of New Type of Gas Absorber, Industrial Applications

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Process Safety and Environmental Protection Volume 81, Issue 3, Pages 210–216
Year of Publication: 
H. Mustafa
An-Najah National University, Chemical Engineering Department, Nablus, Palestine
Current Affiliation: 
Department of Chemical Engineering, Faculty of Engineering and Informtation Technology, An-Najah National University, Nablus, Palestine
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The performance of a new type of gas absorber was investigated. Laboratory absorption experiments on different absorption systems such as ethyl–thiol, acetone–water, ethanol–water, methylene chloride–festo oil and H2S–NaOH were carried out under reduced air pressure. The absorption rate was investigated as a function of geometrical parameters and construction materials. The possibility of installating more than one gas absorber on the same absorption tank was investigated as well. It has been applied successfully in industry. In general, this unit improves the performance of existing absorption columns by absorbing 25–30% of the released gases or vapors, and this value may be higher in the case of chemisorption, which leads to higher environmental protection. Moreover, a ‘jet absorber’ has a simple structure, small size with low investment and operation costs; it is suggested that it is used to cope with any sudden increase of gas or vapor emission.