Strategic Decision Making

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Learning Objectives:

This graduate course is designed to give the student the necessary knowledge, skills and training in the processes of decision making. At specific, the course focuses on the strategic management concepts and techniques. Relevant areas of concentration with regard to strategic management concepts include strategic formulation, strategic analysis, strategic alternatives, strategic decision making, strategic implementation, and strategic evaluation. On the other hand, relevant areas of concentration with regard to strategic management techniques include modeling, linear programming, and modeling with uncertainty and risk.  Wherever possible, this will be supplemented with analysis and discussion of case studies, especially those related to engineering disciplines. The course will consider international strategic decision making projects and cases, as well as in the context of the Palestinian territories.




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  2. An Introduction to Management Science. 12th ed.  David R. Anderson, Dennis J. Sweeney, Thomas A. Williams, and Kipp Martin, Thomson South-Western, 2008.




The following references will help the student expand his/her knowledge in the topics covered through the course:


  1. Introduction to Strategic Management. 5th ed. Bernard W. Taylor III, Prentice Hall, EnglewoodCliffs, NJ, 1996
  2. Strategic Management: Text and Cases. 3rded. Georgy G. Dess, G. T. Lumpkin, and Alan B. Eisner, McGraw-Hill/Irwin, Boston, MA, USA, 2007.
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            This is in addition to a number of journal papers and study reports.








The topics that will be covered throughout the course are planned as follows:


No. of weeks                                    Topic                                                                                               

                        1                                    1.       Introduction

                        1                                    2.       Formulating Vision and Mission

                        2                                    3.       External and Internal Assessment

                        1.5                                 4.       Strategy Analysis and Choice 

                        2                                    5.       Strategy Implementation 

1.5                                 6.       Strategy Evaluation




1                                    7.       Strategic Modeling

                        2                                    8.       Linear Programming 

                        2                                    9.       Decision Analysis



                                                FINAL EXAM



Student Evaluation:Students will be evaluated as follows:


            30%                 Mid-term Exam

            10%                 Article Assignment

            20%                 Individual Project

            40%                 Final Exam