Quality Management

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Course Outline: 

Course overview:

This course introduces the field of Quality Management. This course review the key issues related to quality management. The course main objective is to improve the students’ knowledge and skills related to quality management including an introduction to statistical quality control, quality function deployment, process engineering, six sigma, quality infrastructure, and international standards.

Learning objectives:

  1. To provide an introduction to the fundamental concepts of statistical process control, total quality management, six sigma and the application of these concepts.
  2. To enhance the student’s understanding of the various tools in statistical quality control and total quality management.
  3. To provide skills in diagnosing and analyzing problems causing variation in manufacturing and service industry processes.
  4. To provide a basic understanding of the methods, vocabulary and major trends in quality management.
  5. An additional objective, I would like to encourage the students to stand up for their interpretations of the readings and challenge the tutor or anybody else in the class.


Course outline:


Week 1

Introduction of course syllabus and general overview

Week 2

Quality definition and history

Week 3- 4

Total Quality Management 

Week 5-8

Statistical Quality Control

Week 9

Quality Function Deployment

Week 10- 11

Organizing for quality

Week 12

Six Sigma

Week 13 – 14

Projects presentation

Week 15

5S and Value stream Mapping

Week 16

ISO 9000



Essential Readings:

  • Quality, Donna C. S. Summers, 5th edition, Prentice-Hall, 2006
  • Managing Quality, Barrie G. Dale, 4th edition, Blackwell, 2003
  • Introduction to statistical quality control, Douglas C. Montgomery, 6th edition, John Wiley, 2009

Additional Readings:

  • The Management and Control of Quality, 7th Edition. Evans and Lindsay, 2008. South Western Publishing.


Grading Policy:



First Exam


Second Exam


Project (Report and presentation)


Homework assignments 


Final Exam