Operations Research (1)

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Course Outline: 

Course overview:

This course introduces the field of Operations Research (OR). OR uses quantitative models to solve complex problems and supports decision making activities. OR techniques are applied widely to organizations and activities, including manufacturing, transportation and distribution, the public sector, government, the health care and other industries.


Learning objectives:

  1. To obtain a fundamental understanding of what operations research entails and why it is important for industrial engineers.
  2. To learn how to recognize and correctly formulate problems that can be modeled as linear programs.
  3. To be able to use and apply the tools in real-world problems and industrial case studies.  


Course outline:


Part 1.Operations Research: An overview

2 weeks

Part 2.  Linear programming

3 weeks

Part 3.The Simplex method

3 weeks

Part 4.Duality and Sensitivity Analysis 

3 weeks

Part 5. Transportation model

3 weeks

Part 6.Network models 

2 weeks



Text book

Taha, H. Operations Research: an Introduction, 8th edition, Prentice Hall, 2007 


Additional references

  • Winston, Wayne L. Operations research : applications and algorithms / Wayne L. Winston ; with cases by Jeffrey B. Goldberg, 4th ed. Thomson/Brooks/Cole, 2004.
  • Winston, Wayne L. Introduction to mathematical programming : operations research. Vol 1. Wayne L. Winston, Munirpallam Venkataramanan ; with cases by Jeffrey B. Goldberg, 4th ed. Thomson Brooks/Cole, 2003.


Grading Policy:



First Exam


Second Exam


Homework & quizzes


Final Exam