Facility Location and Layout

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Course Outline: 

Learning objectives:


  1. To provide an understanding of the managerial issues arising in the design of operations of facilities and systems.
  2.  To develop the knowledge and analytical skills to evaluate the influence of markets, raw materials, labour, government policy etc on strategic decisions for location of manufacturing and service facilities.
  3. To learn practical tools to design and implement system improvement from facility layout perspective.


Course outline:



Part 1.Introduction  to Facilities Planning

2 weeks

Part 2.Single Facility location  

4 weeks

Part 3.Multi-facility location

3 weeks

Part 4.Layout Design

4 weeks

Part 5. Material Handling

1 week

Part 6. Computerized Facilities planning

1 week

Part 7. Report presentation

1 week




  • Tompkins, White, Bozer, Frazelle, Tanchoco & Trevino, Facilities planning, John Wiley & Sons NY, 2002
  • Francis, McGinnis & White, Facility layout and location, Prentice Hall NJ, 1992.


Grading Policy:



First Exam


Second Exam


Group project   


Home works


Final Exam