Structural Techniques in Inorganic Chemistry - PhD level

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Structural Techniques in Inorganic Chemistry 423621 Description: 3 Credits, 3 Lectures/week A compulsory advanced course for Ph.D. chemistry students. Prerequisites: M.Sc. Level. Objectives: To give the students an advanced background in current physical methods commonly used in inorganic structural analysis, with emphasis on principles and applications of NMR, vibrational, ESR, Mossbauer XPS & Auger, Microscopic Techniques and others . Course Outline: Introductory Remarks 6 Lectures Inorganic NMR Spectra 8 Lectures Inorganic Vibrational Spectra 10 Lectures Inorganic Mossbauer Spectra 6 Lectures XPS & Auger 6 Lectures Microscopic techniques 8 Lectures 1st Exam 1 Lecture 2nd Exam 1 Lecture Final Exam 2 Lectures Total 48 Lectures Grading: 1st Exam (including presentation) 25% 2nd Exam (including presentation) 25% Final Exam 50% References: 1) Russel Drago, Physical Methods in Inorganic Chemistry 2) E.A.V. Ebsworth, D. W. H. Rankin, and S. Cradock, Structural Methods in Inorganic Chemistry, Blackwell Scientific Publications. 3) S. F. A. Kettle, Physical Inorganic Chemistry,. Spectrum Ltd., 4) S. Berger, S. Braun, H.-O. Kalinowski, NMR Sopectroscopy of the Non-Metallic Elements. J. Wiley. 5) Other specialized books. Updated: H. S. Hilal, 9/9/2007