Solid State Chemistry and Semiconductors- Ph.D. level

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Course Description Solid State Chemistry and Semiconductors Chem. 423723 Level: Ph.D. students Type: Elective Credits: 3 Credits/ 3 Lectures a week Course Contents: 1) Introductory Remarks 2) Crystalline solids, Bravais lattices, unit cells, Miller indices, planes, Braggs law, 3) Closest packing, theories of space filling, packing and density, some common crystalline structures (rock salt, zinc blend, wirtzite, …) 4) Defects in crystals, point defects, line defects and dislocations 5) Band theory of crystals, models for conductors, semiconductors and insulators. Intrinsic and extrinsic conduction. Mono-crystalline semiconductors 6) p-n junctions and diodes, 7) Semiconductor solid/liquid junctions, principles of photo-elctrochemistry. 8) Photo-electrochemical applications in solar energy conversions (light to electricity, light to chemical energy storage, environmental chemistry) 9) New trends in solid state chemistry: Nanocrystals and their applications 10) Nanocrystals in environmental preservation Grading: 1) 1st hr. exam (student presentation) 25% 2) 2nd hr. exam (student presentation) 25% 3) Final exam 50% Attendance: Mandatory Prerequisites: 423621* (The course is not heavily dependent on its prerequisite) References: 1) Solid state chemistry textbooks (such as those of Philips, Adam, and many others) 2) Materials science textbooks, (such as those of Irvin Granet and others) 3) Monographs in Semiconductor Chemistry, in Solid State Chemistry, in Photovoltaics, and in Photoelectrochemistry. 4) Current Journal Articles in Solid State Chemistry, Materials Research, Photoelectrochemistry, and others. (Examples: J. Electrochemical Society, J. Electroanal. Chem., Solid State Sciences, J. Materials Chem., … etc.) 5) Current Journals in Environmental Research (Examples: Water Res., J. Environ. Management, Applied Catal., … etc.) Hikmat S. Hilal Dated: Sept. 24th, 2005 1st Semester 2005/6