Practical Inorganic Chemistry

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Practical Inorganic Chemistry (23325) An-Najah National University Chemistry Department Updated: Second Semester 2006/2007 Credit hours: 2 credits; 1 lecture, 1 lab session/week (4 hours each) Instructors: Hikmat Hilal & Samar Al-Shakshir Prerequisite: Chem. 23322 Objectives: The course aims to emphasize the experimental and theoretical concepts of inorganic chemistry classes. The lab is anticipated to train the students on how to synthesize, analyze and rationalize inorganic chemical compounds. Contemporary experimental methods of inorganic chemistry are involved . Course Description: This course consists of three different sets of experiments: the first is pertinent to descriptive chemistry. The second set involves the study of chemical reactivity. The third set deals with preparation and characterization some complex compounds and their isomerism behaviors. Course Content: Exp. No. Title No. of sessions. 1 Chemistry of group (VIII) elements 1 2 Ion – Exchange 1 3 Polyphosphate 1 4 Determination of and construction of part of spectrochemical series 2 5 Preparation a Preparation and analysis of a complex compound containing Co, Cl, and NH3 2 Midterm Exam. 6 Preparation and characterization of a geometrical isomer 2 7 Preparation and characterization of an optical isomer 2 8 Preparation and characterization of a linkage isomer 2 9 Determination of composition of Fe(III) salicylic acid 1 10 Treatment of Nickel complexes 1 Final Exam. Evaluation: Student participation: 15% Reports 35% Mid-term Exam. 20% Final Exam. 30% Readings: 1) Manual of inorganic chemistry (provided) 2) Cotton and Wilkinson, Basic Inorganic Chemistry, 3rd ed., J. Wiley, NY, (1995) 3) Purcell and Kotz, Introduction to Inorganic Chemistry, WB Saunders, Philadelphia. 4) Pass & Sutcliffe, Practical Inorganic Chemistry books.