Theriogenology II

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Theriogenology II is a one semester (2 H Theory + 3 H Practice) course designed to provide the Veterinary Students with knowledge, training and understanding of the physiology and pathology of pregnancy, and methods of pregnancy diagnosis in farm animals. Additionally congenital anomalies, parturition, dystocia, sterility and their treatment are included.



  • This course will introduce veterinary students to the diseases and conditions affecting the reproductive system of domestic animals, including dystocia.
  • The emphasis will be on the female because conditions affecting the male reproductive tract were discussed in Theriogenology I 12488.
  • Students will also learn the principles of examination of the reproductive system, including pregnancy diagnosis.
  • Sufficient information will be provided to form a basis on which to build further knowledge and understanding.
  • Students should be able to apply the information in this course to actual problems in theriogenology.
  • The laboratory portion of the course will provide practical experience and demonstrations in the common diagnostic and therapeutic techniques used in theriogenology, including obstetrics.
  • Students should develop sufficient familiarity with these procedures in order to become proficient in them with additional practice.