Theriogenology 1

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Course Description
Theriogenology 1 is a one semester (2 H Theory + 2 H Practice) course designed to provide the Veterinary Students with knowledge, training and understanding of reproduction processes in domestic animals from puberty and genesis to gestation, and Artificial insemination processes from semen collection to insemination.
Course Objectives
1.Describe the reproductive anatomy and reproductive function in domestic animals.
2.Demonstrate proper artificial insemination techniques in cattle.
3.Discuss factors affecting efficiency of reproduction in animals. 
4.Demonstrate proper semen handling and pregnancy diagnostic techniques.
5.Describe and discuss estrus synchronization and embryo transfer programs
6.Evaluate the collected semen by the macroscopic and microscopic semen examinations.
7.Inseminating cows and Applying hormones and sponges for estrus synchronization