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Course Outline: 

Course Description

            This is a physiology course in which the major organ systems are described: physiology of cell membranes and biological transport, nervous system, skeletal muscle system, cardiovascular system, renal, and body fluids of animals. Physiology of digestion and absorption, respiration, reproduction and lactation biology, mechanisms of temperature regulation and heat production in animals.

            This course will be covered by 3 theory hours per week.

Course Objectives:

Upon completion the course study the students will be able to:

  1. A knowledge of the functions of different body systems and organs, and get understand the domestic animal physiology
  2. Be familiar with terms of homeostasis, membrane transport and potentials.
  3. Be familiar with structure and function of the nervous system, blood, cardiovascular system, renal system, respiratory and digestive system and how they related to body functions.

Policy on Attendance:

            Students are expected to attend each theory class. Any absence during the run of the curse or at the exams either excused or not will be treated according to the rules of the university.