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Fadi Shadid
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[email protected]
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[email protected]
Faculty of Law, An-Najah National University, Nablus, Palestine

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Short Curriculum Vitae

  • Arbitration Certificate from Ministry of Justice ,2010
  • - Ph.D in International Criminal Law ,Al-Mannar University, Tunisia , 2008. Excellence Degree with Honor Board. .
  • - M.A in Criminal Science ,Al-Mannar University, Tunisia , 2003. Excellence Degree with Honor Board. .
  • - B.A in Law , specialization in Judgment ,Al-Mannar University, Tunisia , 2001. Very Good Degree .
  • - French Language Certificate , Burqeeba Alive Language Institute , Tunisia . For one year duration, 1997
  • - International and Humane Law Certificate , Arabic Countries League and the Red Cross International Committee .
  • • Hands of Future Generation Committee ,training 200 students and members of different society sectors for 8 months .
  • • Jaffa Cultural Center, Balata Refugee Camp: Training 50 students and members of different society sectors for 3 months .
  • • Ellar Cultural Center : Training several persons about election procedures , the duration was 3 months.
  • • Extensive sessions about in Summer course about International , Humane Law and International Criminal Law
Employment history: 
  • - Participation in several sessions at the university.
  • - Participation in quantity, quality, proficiency and skills boards.
  • - Ex manager of the UNISCO Center for Human Rights.
  • - Manager of the Legal Clinic : I have supervised the its 20 students till now, choosed the students, trained them, managed the issues , supervised the establishing of the legal clinic in the midtown , connected it with local ,governmental institutions , Ministry of Justice , Lawyer union, the Municipality and several institutions.
  • - The Executive manager for Terry Project aiming at supporting the Legal Clinic. Also I have started the New Project from OSI.
  • - Judgment in several issues concerning the poor sector in the society during the work in the Legal Clinic.
  • - Providing legal consultations for some companies and working with criminal lawsuits .
  • - Lecturer ( Assistant Professor ) at Al-Najah National University since 2006 and till recent time.
  • - Lecturer AT Arab-American University ,Law Faculty 2004-2006.
  • - Lecturer at Al-Quds Open University – Tulkarem Educational Region – in 2005.
  • - Supervisor for M.A Thesis in Law.
  • - External Examiner in the discussion of M.A thesis at Abu-Dees University and other Palestinian universities.
  • - Evaluator for re searches published in scientific evaluated magazines.
  • - Arbitrator in insurance and labor cases.
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