Street Car as an Alternative Transportation Mode in Nablus City

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Graduation Project
Saeed Ali
Mohammed Barham
Abdel Hadi Dwikat
Street Car as an Alternative Transportation Mode in Nablus City8.45 MB

          The traffic congestion along Rafidia Street is a big problem. This congestion has become a real problem since An-Najah National University has been developed and began to accept large number of students which reached estimated to be 19,116 students (ANU,2011) divided between Old and New Campuses. In addition to large number of passengers use this road to serve their needs. Moreover, the accidents are taking place in this city as till now 495 accidents happened from the beginning of this year 2012. .

         The other point is that the existing public transportation systems are not adequate in the near future to cover the developing people movement and the huge demands. This requires decision makers and engineers to think in new ways and explain the potential for new transit options like the streetcars, which was the focus of this project. Therefore, the main objective of the project was to study the streetcar option as a potential solution to reduce the effect of the traffic jam problem, and to reduce accident and to facilitate the commuters flow over between the two campuses, the CBD area and neighborhood surrounding the route like Al-Makhfeyeh, Al Quds Open University, Rafidia and Al Arabi Hospitals. The optimal goal in this project was to decrease the dependence of people on the private and personal cars that was, in Nablus, 23,093 registered vehicles 1,517 taxi and 125 buss,  and it was expected to decrease the amount of Petrol used to run the other systems.