Saturation magnetization

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An Investigation of the Magnetization Distribution and Magnetization Processes in Symmetrical 90° Nife Chevron ‎Elements

Journal Title, Volume, Page: 
Magnetics, IEEE Transactions on (Volume:17, Issue: 6 ) Page(s): 2938 - 2939
Year of Publication: 
Husni, M.
Current Affiliation: 
Department of Electrical Engineering, Faculty of Engineering and Information Technology, An-Najah National University, Nablus. Palestine
Collins, Alan J.
Wolfson Centre for Magnetics Technology, Cardiff, Wales, UK.
Preferred Abstract (Original): 

A high magnification Kerr magnetooptic microscope and ferrofluid techniques have been used to investiqate the magnetization distributions and domain patterns in 90° chevron elements, under rotating applied field conditions. Considerable magnetic interaction has been observed to exist between the magnetization levels in the orthogonal legs of the chevrons. The magnitude of the interaction effects are dependent upon the orientation of the applied field relative to the legs of the chevron.

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