Keywords: Ru(II) complexes Crystal structure of cis-[Cl2Ru(dppb)(N-N)] 31P NMR

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Cis- & trans-isomerism in [Cl2Ru(dppb)N-N] complexes: Synthesis, structural characterization and X-ray crystal structure of dichloromethane solvated cis-diaminebis(diphenylphosphinobutane)- ruthenium(II) complex

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Journal of Molecular Structure 1076 (2014) 724–729
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Ismail Warad, Mohammad Azam ,⇑, Mohammad Asad , Saud I. Al-Resayes , Ahmad I. Asadi , W.D. Wanrosli , Assem Barakat , Shehdeh Jodeh , Ahmed Abu-Obid , Mousa Al-Noaimi
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a b  s t r a  c t  

Three diamine-bis(diphenylphosphinobutane)ruthenium(II)  complexes, isolated from the  reaction of [Cl2Ru(dppb)] with diamines viz.,  2,2-dimethyl-1,3-diamnopropane,  1,2-diaminocyclohexane and 1,8- diaminonaphthalene are  reported. The  synthesized complexes have been characterized on  the basis of various physico-chemical studies viz.,  EDX, IR, FAB-MS,  UV/Vis,  NMR,  TG-DTG  and EXAFS studies. 31P NMR investigations confirm that the complex 3 is in  cis form while the complexes 1–2 appear in  trans form. The  structure of  complex 3  has been additionally determined by  single crystal X-ray diffraction showing solvated dichloromethane. Furthermore, complex 3  crystallizes as  monoclinic unit cell  with P2(1)/n space group
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