Key words: Teachers' Attitudes , Adopting, Independent Learning

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Schools English Teachers' Attitudes towards Adopting Independent Learning.

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Educational Research 2141-5161) Vol. 2(7) July 2011.
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Ahmed Awad Amin Mahoud Raba'
An-Najah National University
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An-Najah National University
Preferred Abstract (Original): 

Based on the importance of producing a well-educated generation, capable of meeting the requirements of the present life complications, the researcher conducted a study entitled " School English Teachers' Attitudes towards Adopting Independent Learning " .This study basically dealt  with the importance of independent learning in developing the learner's potentials to challenge these requirements.

This study aimed to discover the English teachers ' attitudes towards adopting independent learning. To accomplish this aim, the researcher used a 20- item questionnaire about the advantages of independent learning and the role of the participants through it.Then the questionnaire was distributed amongst 40 male and female teachers who taught English in the United Nations Relief and Work Agency(UNRWA) schools from Jenin Area during the scholastic year 2009-2010  

After analyzing the data using the descriptive statistical method, the researcher reached these results:

There were no significant differences at ( = 0.05) in the UNRWA English teachers' attitudes in Jenin District towards using independent learning due  to gender ,experience, qualification, and location (camp & village) variables. In the light of these findings, the researcher recommended the following: 

Overstressing the use of activities and skills that promote all kinds of independent learning  and conducting other studies in other schools- public or private- and in other regions- city schools.

Key words: Teachers' Attitudes , Adopting,  Independent Learning

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