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Introduction To Balance Between The Creation of Allah And Human Industry - The Greatest Challenge of Education For The 21 Century

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University of Sharjah, UAE, PAGES 279-296
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Abdul Razzaq Touqan
Department of Civil Engineering, An-Najah National University, Palestinian Terriorities
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Department of Civil Engineering, An-Najah National University, Palestinian Terriorities
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God's creation of heavens and Earth is characterized by creator's knowledge which covers everything , his soul tying him with the creatures and his wisdom achieving enhanced balance with time. Current science is characterized by innovation and imitation of God's creation. However, it evolved independently of a universal reference resulting in problems in balance seen through environmental corruption and manners' collapse. Since current science represents the best valid materialistic civilization, the requested challenge is both legislative and methodological in how to restore balance. This research presents a vision through which we make use of what we first read from materialistic science to develop another reading in the Godly Universal Reference. This will help man first absorb materialistic sciences and then direct and enhance it. Such interaction between the two readings is essential to preserve and improve balance. Unfortunately such interaction is absent in current civilization which discovered how much important it is to provide the user with a manufacturer manual but did not find out how much a human is in need for his own reference book to reveal the purpose of his creation and the way to achieve it! Researcher finds the greatest challenge in how to provide students with qualified co-chairs: one in science to improve efficiency of digesting art beneficial to the world, the other in manners which adjusts its behavioral work according to scientific knowledge. The complete universal reference of God "Qur-an" is the best reference to achieve both co-chairs. The research also provides an understanding from Qur-an and science of how to cure the most important issues concerning scientific institutions (to be based on science and faith), education institutions (to simplify and facilitate learning skills through exciting hard thinking, identifying variables and providing evidence and proof) and industrial institutions (to provide evidence as an output).
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