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Energy Efficiency Improvement by Raising of Power Factor at Industrial Sector in Palestine

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at:Pakistan Journal of Applied Sciences 2(9): 907-912
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Imad H. Ibrik
Energy Research Centre, An Najah National University, P. O. Box 7, Nablus, Palestine
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Department of Electrical Engineering, Faculty of Engineering and Informtation Technology, An-Najah National University, Nablus, Palestine
Marwan M. Mahmoud
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The industrial sector in Palestine represent 15% of the total electric power consumption while the, power losses in distribution network amount to 8% and the average power factor amount to 0.7. Implementing of a project aiming at energy efficiency improvement in industrial sector which included wide range of diversified power measurements, had led to creating this paper. Measurement results, had shown that power losses in the distribution network are mainly caused due to low power factor in the industrial and residential sectors varying in the range 0.65 t 0.8. After improvement of the power factor in two factories as "Demonstration Project" (ChS), evaluation of measuring results show that the annual saving after installation of the compensation unites and improving the PF to 0.95 will be more than the total cost of the proposed capacitor units, i.e. the simple pay pack period will be less than one year. The electrical losses in the distribution network and transformers will be reduced to 25% by improving the power factor in the industrial sector to 0.95, is possible. This percentage corresponds to 59914000 kwh or to money saving of 6657111 US $ I year. From environmental points of view , the mentioned energy saving corresponds to a reduction of CO2 emission amounting to 64707120 kg/year. This result is not only applicable for Palestinian electrical network but also for other countries where similar conditions are prevailing.

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