Internet Programming II

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Course Outline: 

Course no: 133383 old number 133282

Instructor: Dr. Baker Abdalhaq

Text Books:

 Learning PHP, MySQL and  Javascript by R. Nixon

Beginning PHP and MySQL from novice and to Professional by W. Jason Gilmore


  • Introduction to Dynamic web and client server architecture, Web 2.0
  • Introduction to PHP
  • Expressions and control flow in PHP
  • Functions and objects
  • Arrays
  • Date and time
  • File handling
  • MySQL and PHP
  • Form handling
  • Cookies Sessions and Authentication
  • Using Ajax
  • Strings and Regular Expressions
  • PEAR
  • Handling File Uploads
  • Advanced topics: Web Services  RSS and XML, Google Images


                Student has to work in group during the semester to develop a project.


Lab & assignments          10%

First and Second exams                30%

Project                                 20%

Final exam                          40%