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Research Title: 
Power Management of A Stand-Alone Hybrid System
A. Testa
M. Ferraro
G. Napoli
Sat, 2011-06-11
Research Abstract: 

A standalone hybrid system is proposed in this paper based on wind generator (WEG), photovoltaic generator (PVG), fuel cell/electrolyzer energy storage system (FC/E-ESS). WEG and PVG are the primary energy sources while FC/E-ESS is used as a back up and storage system. The hybrid system is designed and modelled using Matlab/Simulink/SimPowerSys™ environment. WEG, PVG and FC/E-ESS are controlled locally to obtain the maximum possible power. A power management strategy is designed to effectively control the power flow between different power sources and the storage system. The performance of the management strategy is verified by simulation study using an hourly average real weather data and practical load demand on a typical winter day. The simulation results ensure the effectiveness and demonstrates the feasibility of the proposed power management strategy to accurately control the power flow from different sources. Time domain stability analysis has been performed to examine the performance of the output voltage signal as well as the stability of the DC bus voltage.