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Aysar Mahmoud Masoud Yasin
Mon, 1976-09-20
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[email protected]
Email addresses: 
[email protected]
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970 599 75 40 43
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+970 9 2345113 Ext (2520)

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Short Curriculum Vitae

  • PhD. Energy , Catania University, Italy , November 2008 – February 2012
  • MSc. Clean Energy and Energy conservation Engineering, An Najah National University, Palestine, 2005 –2007.
  • BSc. Electrical Engineering, An Najah National University, Palestine, 1994 – 1999 To economically operate the northern electrical networks in Palestine.
Employment history: 
  • Assistant Professor, Energy and Environment Engineering Department, An-Najah National University, Nablus, West Bank, Palestine. September 2012- Present.
  • Director in the Department of Energy and Energy Efficiency, Palestinian Energy & Environment Research Center (PEC)- Palestinian Energy Authority, Palestine, October 2011 – September 2012
  • Researcher (PhD Candidate), National Research Council of Italy CNR-ITAE, Energy System Group, Messina, Italy. November 2009 – November 2011. • Power management strategy of a stand-alone hybrid system. • Fuzzy logic based management of a stand-alone hybrid generator. • Comparison study between five different bus voltage configurations for a stand-alone hybrid generator. • Control of SOFC–PEFC energy systems connected in parallel through a low DC bus voltage. • Testing the Performance of Different Battery Technologies in Hybrid System. (CNR/ITAE Labs).
  • Researcher (PhD Candidate), Center for promotion and transferring of innovation technology CePTIT, Italy. Feb 2009 – November 2009. • Modelling, validation and control of a multi source hybrid system components which includes the following items: PV, Wind, Fuel Cell energy conversion system. • Control of a Residential Wind/PV/Battery Power System with Performance Analysis.
  • Director in the Department of Energy and Energy Efficiency, Palestinian Energy & Environment Research Center (PEC)- Palestinian Energy Authority, Palestine, 2006 – February 2009. Local project manger at DISTRES project (Promotion and consolidation of all RTD activities for renewable distributed generation technologies in the Mediterranean region). Participating in the energy workshops and periodic projects meetings abroad. Conducting researches and developing proposals in the field of energy planning, renewable energies, energy conservation and energy economics. Training, Awareness & information dissemination in the field of renewable energy and energy efficiency. Establishment of cooperation links with local & regional energy institutes for development of energy sector in Palestine.
  • Project Engineer, Palestinian Energy & Environment Research Center (PEC), Palestine, January 2000 – 2005. Local project manager at IRESMED project (Integration of renewable energies in the southern Mediterranean countries). Local Project manager in MEDA project (Energy and Urban Environment in the Mediterranean Countries). Energy Auditing and DSM ( industrial and residential sector) Design and supervision installation of photovoltaic (PV) at Buden Wuttenberg project which focused on Electrification the rural areas and public facilities such as schools and clinics.
  • Maintenance Engineer, National Aluminum and profile Company (NAPCO). Palestine, June 1999 – Jan 2000. Operating a power station of capacity exceeds 4 MW includes the general utility supply synchronized with company special Generators. Extrusion and Aluminium painting plants by anodizing and powder coating methods, water & waste water unit and cast house.
Research Interests: 
  • Renewable Energies : PV Solar water heating Concentrated solar power Wind energy
  • Distributed Generations systems based on : PV systems Wind energy systems Fuel Cells Energy systems
  • Energy Conservations in Residential sector Industrial sector
Research Groups: 
  • Research Center of Italy (CNR/ITAE-Messina)
  • Energy Engineering and Environment Department research group
  • Conducting researches with An Najah Energy Center
  • Conducting Researches with Palestinian Energy Research Center
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