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Research Title: 
Evaluation of Energy And Co2 Savings of An Institutional Collective Solar Water Heating System In Palestine
A. M. Yasin
M. Al Sayed
B. Yasin
H. Arafat
Mon, 2011-03-21
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Research Abstract: 

The collective solar water heater (SWH) system of the main cafeteria of Birzeit university -Palestine is evaluated in this paper in terms of utilized energy and the corresponding CO2 savings. The system is equipped with required sensors and data logger which is scanned remotely by telephone line using tele-monitoring system. The utilized energy using the collective solar SWH system and the environmental protection offered by this most widely renewable energy application is presented. The results show that by using solar energy considerable amounts of greenhouse polluting gasses are saved. The effectiveness of the system is calculated and it is found to be highly dependent on the consumption rate of water with other factors. The consumption rate is low compared to the capacity of the system which consequently degrades the efficiency. This is approved in the presented case study of a Crown Plaza Hotel- Amman which showed a higher CO2 savings with fewer collectors area.