Change Management in Telecom Sector in Palestine

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Maryam "Mohammad Ameen" Bishtawi
Change Management in Telecom Sector in Palestine4.84 MB

In this life change is inevitable. So managing this change is a very important issue in order to embrace change in any organization successfully. The researcher conducted this study in the largest companies in the telecommunication sector in Palestine. The researcher assessed the practices of change management in the telecom sector by studying and analyzing all factors and inputs that control these practices in order to determine gaps and devise best practices that help companies to navigate successfully through change. The researcher utilized a mixed methodology of qualitative and quantitative research tools. A questionnaire was the quantitative tool whereas the qualitative tool was conducting interviews in the telecom companies. The data from the questionnaire was analyzed with SPSS program whereas the data from the conducted interviews was analyzed by thematic analysis. The results of the research are that a weakness was found in some communication practices in the targeted companies, change resistance practices, top management weakness in supporting change was found, and some of weakness in the awareness practices about change. A framework was developed by the researcher as the main output of this research to enable telecom companies to adopt the concept of change management. This framework provides process that help telecom organization to navigate successfully through change. The framework was validated by leading managers in the Palestinian telecom sector.