Security in Information Technology Systems

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This course aims to give students a thorough understanding of computer security technologies. This includes the following topics

  1. Implement security-enhanced computing baselines in an organization.
  2. Understand what a security policy is and what the major mechanisms for implementing security policies are.
  3. Explain common attacks against network assets, the associated threats and vulnerabilities, and what network security personnel do to secure assets.
  4. Explain how to use cryptography to help protect information and how to choose an appropriate encryption method for an organization.
  5. Help protect transmission of data by identifying threats to network devices and implementing security for common data transmission, remote access, and wireless network traffic.
  6. Identify common security threats and vulnerabilities to directory services and DNS, and then apply security methods to help protect them.
  7. Preserve business continuity by implementing a security-enhanced disaster recovery strategy, communicating risks to others, and performing secure backup and recovery.