Conference Research Title Datesort icon
Inter-Academia 2015, 14th International Conference on Global Reasearch and Education An Interactive Tool for Sketch-Based Annotation Mon, 2015-09-28
The 4th Palestinian International Conference on Computer and Information Technology (PICCIT 2015), At Palestine/Hebron Automating the Creation of Arabic Ontologies: A Preliminary Study Mon, 2014-12-01
Engineering Interactive Computing Systems / CNR Rome, Italy, 2014 Introducing Groups to an Annotation System: Design Perspective Tue, 2014-06-17
The 20th International Conference on Distributed Multimedia Systems, At Pittsburgh, PA, USA Relevance Measures for the Creation of Groups in an Annotation System Sun, 2014-06-01
The 6th International Conference of Computer Science & Information Technology (CSIT2014) Users-Groups Matching in an Annotation System: Ontological and URL Relevance Measures Wed, 2014-03-26
The 5th International Conference on Computer Science and Information Technology Using Ontologies for Users-Groups Matching in An Annotation SystemView Wed, 2013-03-27
CHItaly 2013 Introducing Groups to an Annotation System Tue, 2012-12-18
CHItaly 2013 Groups-Users Matching in an Annotation System Using Ontologies (Class Match Measure) Tue, 2012-12-18
The Fourth IEEE International Symposium on Innovation in Information Communication Technology Application of Genetic Algorithm for Synthesis of Large Reversible Circuits using Covered Set Partitions Tue, 2011-11-29
Eighth International Conference on Information Technology Reversible Function Synthesis of Large Reversible Functions with No Ancilla Bits using Covering Set Partitions Mon, 2011-04-11