Research seminars in TEFL

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This is one of the elective courses offered by Curriculum and Instruction Department/ Methods of Teaching English at An-Najah National University/Palestine.

 Thiscourse aims at providing individuals with knowledge and understanding of current debates relevant to the teaching and learning of English as a Foreign Language. Some teaching experience is an advantage but not essential. The aim is to support you in becoming a reflective TEFL practitioner, a competent educational researcher and an active member of the international academic and professional TEFL community via intensive exposure to adequate research and current studies related to teaching and learning process. Different presentations and a lot of participation from the candidates in forums and learning circles are among the aims of this course.

At the end of the end of the course, student should be able to:

- Demonstrate how English functions in the lives of learning.

- Suggest innovative ways to overcome difficulties in TEFL.

- Investigate how schools, classroom, communities and the language teaching profession can best support the teaching and learning of English.

- Use effectively the different social media in English Teaching classrooms.