Designing English Language Tests

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Course Outline: 

The course aims at introducing students to detailed studies of tests their classifications, different ways of  correction,, some of the key principles that must be followed on the assessment of English language tests types  of tests and testing the different language skills and sub skills including tests of listening, speaking, writing and reading.

At the end of the course, student should be able to:

1-Identify principles, strategies, approaches and theories they are employed in testing and evaluating the foreign and second language learning.

2. Show examples of different language tests, analyze them and compare them with the characteristics of a good exam

3- Develop their own skills in constructing different exams in regard to different rubrics and tables of instructions

4-Criticize local and regional exams with reference to the characteristics of a good test.

5- Practice using technologies in testing the different language skills.

6-Select and use standardized tests for the purpose of diagnosis of students’ learning problems as well as determining the following:

6. a students’ proficiency in the language skills and sub skills

6. b students’ attitude towards the FL

6. c students’ performance in specific areas in the foreign language learning