Curriculum Evaluation in English Language

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This course " Course: Curriculum Evaluation in English Language ( 473522)covers the following areas: The definition of the curriculum in English, the major elements of the English Curriculum, the process of evaluating the English curriculum, curriculum   development, Criteria of evaluation and methods as well. It also covers evaluating the basic elements of the current English for Palestine Curriculum.  Alongside the afore-said items, this course discusses these important issues:

*Thorough discussion of the Current School English textbooks

*Educational methods and curriculum

*Criteria for evaluating textbooks

By the end of the semester, the students will have gained information and developed critical thinking and understanding of the following topics:

1. Identify opportunities to adapt textbook material to meet the demands of Palestinian's task-based language curriculum.

2. Develop an awareness of what constitute effective adaptation e.g: modification, omission and supplementation.

3. Be able to select and exploit authentic material.

4. Develop an awareness of the language learning opportunities offered in the internet.