Current Issues in TEFL Compulsory Graduate Course

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 Course   Description:  The aim of this course is to help teachers who are striving hard in facing “the difficult task of teaching English” in a lively and interesting way via knowledge and information that deal with the teaching and learning process. Additionally this course explores a range of practical classroom techniques, while keeping in mind the constraints which the syllabus and exam pressure place on teaching.


At the end of the end of the course, student should be able to:

1. Identify learners’ roles, rights, needs, motivation, strategies and process they employ in the second language learning.

2. Remember the nature of language teaching and learning and the roles the different teaching Methods and teaching materials play in facilitating successful learning.

3. Demonstrate how English functions in the lives of learning, the way the English language words.

4. Show examples of particular difficulties language poses for second or foreign language learning.

5. Suggest ways to overcome language learning difficulties.

6. Examine how learners can best achieve their goals in learning English.