Analytical Study of Major Curricula for TEFL students

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This course provides a survey of the major criteria used in textbook analysis. It equips the students with the tools necessary for analyzing, enriching, and providing feedback on Palestinian school textbooks currently used at schools. 

This course looks at the theoretical and practical issues involved in syllabus analysis and curriculum development in the foreign language context. It reviews analysis in general, its kinds, its advantages and disadvantages, the reasons behind studying content analysis , the table of specifications, and analyzing the textbook content in terms of  Bloom's Taxonomy (Levels of the Cognitive Taxonomy.

Examples on Bloom's Ranking of Thinking Skills, Levels of the Affective Taxonomy, Examples on AffectiveDomain Taxonomy, Levels of the Psychomotor Taxonomy, Examples on PsychomotorDomain Taxonomy.

By the end of the course, students are expected to have the knowledge and skills necessary for analyzing, evaluating and enriching the Palestinian school textbooks currently used, as well as future ones.