Combined electrochemical/chemical bath depositions to prepare CdS film electrodes with enhanced PEC characteristics

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Journal Title, Volume, Page: 
Journal of Electroanalytical Chemistry 707 (2013) 117–121.
Year of Publication: 
Ahed Zyoud
Current Affiliation: 
An-Najah National University
Iyad Saadeddin
Sahar Khurduj
Mu’men Mari’e
Zafer M. Hawash
Maryam I. Faroun
Guy Campet
DaeHoon Park
Hikmat S. Hilal
Preferred Abstract (Original): 
ABSTRACT A new method to prepare CdS film electrodes, based on electrochemical deposition (ECD), followed by chemical bath deposition (CBD), is described. The ECD/CBD-CdS film electrodes combine the advantages of both ECD-CdS film (good adherence to FTO/glass substrate) and CBD-CdS film (suitable film thickness) together. The new ECD/CBD electrode showed higher photo-electrochemical (PEC) efficiency and stability than either ECD- or CBD-CdS film electrodes, especially after annealing. Inter-particle connection and uniformity of the ECD/CBD-CdS film were further enhanced by annealing. Consequently, the electrode PEC conversion efficiency and stability were enhanced. The combined preparation technique, followed by annealing, is potentially useful for future manufacturing of CdS and other film electrode systems.