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Ahed Husni Abdel Razaq Zyoud
Mon, 1973-08-06
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[email protected]
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[email protected]
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+970 9 2345113 Ext (2413)

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  • • Ph. D. of Chemistry - University: An-Najah N. University - Date of Graduation: Aug. 2009 - Specialization: Analytical & Inorganic Chemistry - Research Subject: Nanoparticle of CdS-Sensitized TiO2 Catalyst for Photo-Degradation of Water Organic Contaminants: Feasibility Assessment and Natural-Dye Alternatives
  • • M. Sc. Of Chemistry - University: An-Najah N. University - Date of Graduation: Feb. 2001 - Research Subject: Blood Lead Level Among School Students at Jenin District: A developed anodic stripping voltametry method (ASV/HDME) for blood lead measurement
  • • B. Sc. Of Chemistry - University: Yarmouk University / Irbid/ Jordan - Date of Graduation: Jan. 1996
Employment history: 
  • Assistant Professor at An-Najah N. University (sep. 2010- till now).
  • Teaching assistance and lecturer at An-Najah N. University / (2004 – 2009)
  • Lecturer at Al-Quds Open University (part time) / (2003- 2008) - Teaching different courses and laps - Preparing homework sheets and final exams for chemistry courses for all branch of the University. - Preparing a Visual Educational Media [Chemical Equilibrium]
  • Lecturer at Arab American University / Jenin / (2002 – 2004) - Teaching different courses of chemistry
  • Works at Palestinian Curriculum Development Center(Worked with a team in preparing the Chemistry book for Tawjehi/ (2005 – 2007)
Research Interests: 
  • Physical chemistry aspects of photoelectrochemical solar energy (utilization of solar energy in different ways such as water splitting into hydrogen & oxygen, and purification of contaminated water). Improvement of semiconductor surfaces by modification with conductive and nonconductive polymers. Semiconductor band-edge studies and improvement. Semiconductor annealing studies. Semiconductor photoluminescence studies. Synthesis and characterization of new types of conductive polymers.
  • Nano-crystalline semiconductor surface modification. Supporting nanocrystals onto activated carbon and dye-modification of the semiconductor particles are underway. The carbon supported semiconductor nanoparticles are being used in water purification dy degrading organic contaminants with solar light.
  • Homogeneous & supported transition catalysis and applications to petrochemical processes including different organic & organometallic reactions such as hydrogenation, oxidation, hydrosilylation, O-silylation, hydroformylation & other reactions. This area includes a variety of catalytic systems such as metal-atom clusters, metalloporphyrins and metal carbonyls.
  • Environmental chemistry. Analysis of toxic elements in drinking waters. Toxic elements (Pb, Cd, Cu) in human blood.
  • Waste water recycling. Solar energy driven purification of drinking water from organic and inorganic toxic impurities. Thermal and photochemical catalytic degradation/recycling of waste polymers and other used oils. Solar energy driven water purification processes, using nano-crystalline semiconductors.
  • Transparent conducting thin film technology. This includes preparation, characterization and quality enhancement of new types of TC films.
  • Other modern applications of advanced materials (such as applications of nanoscale particles in supercapacitors, batteries, and others).
  • New composite materials.


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