Human Computer Interaction and User Interface Design

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An-Najah National University

Faculty of Information Technology

Human Computer Interaction and User Interface Design: CIS 133441 and 133444

Spring 2010


Instructor: Ammar Hamamra
Office: 2400
Office Hours:  Sun, Tue, Thu 9:00AM – 12:00PM.  Mon, Wed 12:30PM – 1:30PM and by appointment.


User Interface Design: A Software Engineering Perspective by Soren Lauesen


Course Overview:
This course illustrates the importance of user interface design for a computer system.  Developing an information system involves multiple stages such as user requirements and analysis, designing the interface, developing the system, testing, and implementing the system.  This course will only focus on designing the user interface.   



Course outline:

Part One: Best of the Classics

  1. Usability (Chapter 1)
  2. Prototyping and iterative design (Chapter 2)
  3. Data presentation (Chapter 3)
  4. Mental models and interface design (Chapter 4)


Part Two: Systematic Interface Design

  1. Analysis, visions and domain description (Chapter 5)
  2. Virtual windows design (Chapter 6)
  3. Function design (Chapter 7)
  4. Prototypes and defect correction (Chapter 8)
  5. Reflections on user interface design (Chapter 9)


Part Three: Supplementary Design Issues

  1. Web-based course rating (Chapter 10)
  2. Designing an e-mail system (Chapter 11)
  3. User documentation and support (Chapter 12)
  4. More on Usability testing (Chapter 13)


Students will be evaluated in this course based on the following criteria:

First Exam


Second Exam


Final Exam


Homework and Participation





Students must attend class on time.  Students are expected to attend classes and participate actively in discussions.  Class attendance will be monitored and will be factored into the class participation points.  Students who miss 6 or more classes without a legitimate excuse will be dismissed from the class and will fail the course.


Class Participation:

There will be a subjective evaluation of your contribution in class. The quality of your contribution is more important than the quantity.
Students are expected to be prepared for each class.  Students are responsible for materials covered in class.  Assigned readings and homework should be completed on time. 

If you miss a class, you are responsible for what was covered in that class.   


Missing Exams:

University regulations state that NO MAKE UP EXAMS WILL BE MADE unless a student has a well documented excuse such as personal injuries or death of a first degree relative, OTHERWISE a student gets ZERO in the missed exam.  In case of an accepted excuse, student must setup a makeup exam date which must be within at most one week from the original exam date.