Techniques in Molecular Biology

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Course Level: 
Third Year
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Course Outline: 

 Course Description

* Instructor Name: Ghaleb Adwan

* Instructor Ext. Number and e-mail: 2372;

* Course Title: Techniques in Molecular Biology

* Course Number: 24393

* Is the Course Compulsory or Elective: Compulsory

* Course Credit Hours: 2

* Teaching Language: English

* Course Pre-requisition: 24392

* Course Textbook:

Current Protocols: Essential Laboratories Techniques by Gallagher SR., and Wiley EA., 2008.John Wiley & Sons, Inc

Handbook of Molecular and Cellular Methods in Biology and Medicine by Cseke at al., 2004, CRC PRESS

* References:

Molecular cloning : A laboratory manual by Sambrook et al., 1989

PCR Primer: A laboratory Manual by Dieffenbach and Dveksler, 1995

Course Objective: This course aims for understanding and covering of some basic techniques used in molecular biology, with special focus on the following: DNA isolation from prokaryotes and eukaryotes, plasmid isolation, restriction digestion, gel electrophoresis, characterizing and manipulating recombinant molecules, quantitation of DNA, preparation of competent cells, transformation process, and PCR technology. Also the course focuses on preparation of solutions, buffers, equipments use, safety procedures, sterile techniques, disposal of buffers and Chemicals, fluid measurements and calibration of the pipettes.

Course Summary:The labs have been designed to demonstrate various concepts and techniques currently used in Molecular Biology.

Learning Outcomes: At the end of the course, the students will be familiar with basic concepts in molecular biology and molecular techniques, understand the importance and use of DNA manipulation in today's world, develop practical skills in DNA manipulation and  understand the application of these molecular techniques

Grade Distribution:

Laboratory Work (reports)                               30%

Homework                                                       5%

Quizzes                                                           15%

Final Exam                                                       50%

Course Content-Experiments  to be Coovered

First week and second week: Second week: General Laboratory Procedures, Equipment Use, and Safety Considerations, Safety Procedures, Preparation of Solutions, Disposal of Buffers and Chemicals Working with DNA, Sterile Technique and Working with bacteria, Fluid measurements and calibration of the pipettes. How to use instruments

Third week:Preparation of Genomic DNA from prokaryotes (E. coli) and Preparation of Genomic DNA from plants (Onion cells)

Fourth week:Preparation of Genomic DNA from animal cells (Human blood cells)

Fifth week:Preparation of Genomic DNA from plants (Onion cells)

Sixth week and Seventh week:Plasmid DNA isolation, gel electrophoresis and DNA Quantitation

Eight week:Restriction Enzyme Digestion of DNA and gel electrophoresis

Ninth week and Tenth week:Preparation E. coli competent cells and transformation with plasmid DNA, and Transformation using TA cloning kit

Eleventh week, Twelfth week, Thirteenth week :Discussion about PCR and its instruments,  Amplification of DNA using PCR technology, gel electrpphoresis

Fourteenth week: revision

Fifteenth week: Final Exam