Course Outline:General Biology II

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First Year
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Biology and Biotechnology Department

Course Outline

Course Name: General Biology II

Course Number: Biol-24102

1st semester 2009/2010

Course Name: General Biology II

Course Number: Biol-24102

Credits: Three (3)

Course Description:

This course is a continuation of Biol 24101. Emphasis is placed on plant and animal

systems, response of the organism to its biological and physical environment and

other related topics.

Prerequisites: General Biology I (Biol 24101)

Required Text: Biology 6th Edition, Neil A. Campbell, Jane B. Reece, Benjamin

Method of Assessment:

1st Exams                      25 points

2nd exam                       25 points

Final Exam                    50 points

Total                             100 points

Lecture Exams: The two-semester lecture exams and the final exam will cover notes

given in class and pertinent information from the textbook. The examinations will

consist mainly of multiple choice questions, with additional short answer questions,

definitions, as well as matching

Tentative Schedule

Week no.                                            Reading Assignment/Lecture Topic

1 and 2                                                            Ch.35/ Plant Structure and Growth

2                                                          Ch.36/ Transport in Plants

3                                                          Ch.39/ Chemical Signals in Plants

First Exam

4                                                          Ch. 40/ Animal Structure and Function

5                                                          Ch.41/ Animal Nutrition

6                                                          Ch.45/ Chemical Signals in Animals

7                                                          Ch.46/ Animal Reproduction

8                                                          Ch.47/ Animal Development

Second Exam

8and 9                                                 Ch.48/ Nervous Systems

11                                                        Ch.49/ Sensory and Motor Mechanisms

11 and 12                                            Ch.42/ Circulation and Gas Exchange

13 and 14                                            Ch.43/ The Body's Defenses

Final Exam