Software Quality Assurance

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Software Quality Assurance from theory to implementation: Testing CMM ISO/IEC 15504 Design reviews: CMMI IEEE/EIA 12207 ASQ’s CSQE ISO 9000-3 , DANIEL GALIN, Pearson Adison Wesley © Person Education Limited 2004: ISBN 0201 70945 7.



This course will address topics in quality concepts such as quality control and quality assurance, with applications to software production.  Certain models such as capability maturity models (CMM), and software process improvement (SPI) will be presented as well as management standards such as ISO/IEC 12209.  The implications of these systems at organizations will also be presented.



  1. The software quality challenge
  2. What is software quality?
  3. The components of the SQA system
  4. Development and quality plans
  5. Integrating quality activities in the project life cycle
  6. Software testing strategies & implementation
  7. Assuring the quality of software maintenance components
  8. Assuring the quality of external participants’ contributions
  9. CASE tools and their effect on software quality
  10. Documentation control
  11. Management components of software quality
  12. Standards , certification and assessment

( ISO 9001, ISO 9000-3, CMM AND CMMI, ISO/IEC 15504, IEEE standards )










The course involves lectures, quizzes, Cases analysis, two midterm exams, and a final exam.


Class Participation

You are expected to attend classes and participate actively in discussions.  There will be a subjective evaluation of your contribution in class. The quality of your contribution is more important than the quantity. Class attendance will be monitored and will be factored into the class participation points.



COURSE EVALUATION                                                                                                        

  •  Cases analysis                                                                                            10%
  • Firs Exam                                                                                                   20%
  • Second Exam                                                                                               20%
  • Final Exam                                                                                                  50%

TOTAL                                                                                                      100%