Operations Research

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AN-Najah N. University                   Faculty of Information Technology.

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133256  Operations Research

Second Semester 2009/2010

Revised on Jan,18, 2010


            Time:                Session 1 : Sun, Tue, The,   8 to 9 am

Session 2 : Sun, Tue, The,   12 to 1 pm

            Session 3 : Mon, Wed 1:30 to 3 pm


            Name:              Mr. Maher Abu Baker

Office Hours:  Sun, Tue, Thu 9 to 11  am , 12-2 pm,  Mon, Wed 11  to 12:30 pm  or by

appointment (made through email)

E-mail Address:  abubaker@najah.edu

REQUIRED TEXT                   

Operations Research Application and Algorithms, Second Edition, Waynel. Winston


“Introduction to Operations Research” , by F.S.Hillier and G.J.Lieberman,

7th Edition, McGraw-Hill, 2000.

Introduction to Management Science, Ninth Edition, Bernard W. Taylor, Prentice Hall, 2007



This course is an introduction to the principles and practice of Operations Research, and its role in human decision making.  In particular, the course focuses on mathematical programming techniques such as linear programming (the Simplex Method, concepts of duality and sensitivity analysis), network optimization (including transportation and assignment problems) , and Others.










Week 1

Introduction To Operations Research

Week 2,3

Introduction To Leaner Programming

Week 4,5

The Simplex Algorithm

Week 6

Sensitivity Analysis: An applied Approach

First Exam

Week 7

Sensitivity Analysis And Duality

Week 9,10

Transportation Problem

Week 11,12

Assignment Problems

Second Exam

Week 13,14,15,16

Network Models


Minimum Spanning Tree Problems

Shortest Path Problems

Maximum Flow Problems

Final Exam


The course involves lectures, quizzes, Home works, two midterm exams, and a final exam.

Software Required:

Two following software packages will be used : MS EXCEL and Solver, WinQSB, Modeling with Lingo . All students are expected to be familiar with the use of spreadsheets.

Class Participation

You are expected to attend classes and participate actively in discussions.  There will be a subjective evaluation of your contribution in class. The quality of your contribution is more important than the quantity. Class attendance will be monitored and will be factored into the class participation points.

COURSE EVALUATION                                                                                                        

  •  Home Work                                                                                                10%
  • Midterm Exam I, Midterm Exam II                           each                             20%

Final Exam