Creating Security and a Holistic View of each Individual within the Learning Environment

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Jami’a. Baqa El-Gharbiyya: College of Shari’a and Islamic Studies, (4), 120-123
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Abdul Kareem Igbaria
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This article discusses one of the principles in language teaching that underlies my approach to teaching English as a foreign language. Security and a holistic view of each individual are necessary in order to create confidence and trust, for both the learners and the teacher, in the classroom community. As a result, the learning will be internalized, leading to a new “learning self” who ultimately becomes independent. Creating security and a holistic view of each individual require some basic principles in the teaching-learning process, such as equality among all learners and the teacher, and a relaxed, non-judgmental and fun learning environment. Simultaneously, the teacher is committed to developing a healthy and secure relationship with his students, and among the students themselves.