Approximate Eigensolutions of Dirac Equation for the Superposition Hellmann Potential Under Spin and ‎Pseudospin Symmetries

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Pramana , Volume 83, Issue 1, pp 49-61
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Department of Physics, Faculty of Science, An- Najah National University, New Campus, Nablus, Palestine
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Department of Physics, Faculty of Science, An-Najah National University, New campus, P. O. Box 7, Nablus, Palestine
Department of Science and Engineering, Abhar Branch, Islamic Azad University, Abhar, Iran
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The Hellmann potential is simply a superposition of an attractive Coulomb potential −a/r plus a Yukawa potential be−δ r /r. The generalized parametric Nikiforov–Uvarov (NU) method is used to examine the approximate analytical energy eigenvalues and two-component wave function of the Dirac equation with the Hellmann potential for arbitrary spin-orbit quantum number κ in the presence of exact spin and pseudospin (p-spin) symmetries. As a particular case, we obtain the energy eigenvalues of the pure Coulomb potential in the non-relativistic limit.

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