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دكتور مجلة النجاح   2011
دكتور مجلة النجاح  ,   2011
sources of stress among football coaches in the West Bank and proposed solutions.
the impact of a proposed mental skills program to develop the skill and tactical performance of football players level.
the proposed training program influenced the development of some of the psychological and tactical aspects with the football players in the West Bank.
Strategic planning and its obstacles in sports federations (a comparative study between Palestine and Yemen).
The reality of psychological and social situation and the possibilities available to students with disabilities from the standpoint of physical education teachers,
the contribution of professionalism in improving the standard of football in the West Bank.
the degree of difficulty of applying the requirements of field training course in public schools from the perspective of the course students
The relationship between self-concept and the level of ambition among professional football players in Palestine.
Study of leadership skills and the degree of exercise among football coaches in clubs Nablus and its relationship with some variables.
The role of theoretical and practical courses and teachers' performance at the Faculty of Physical Education in the development of the values of citizenship among students.
the level of collective cohesion among players sports teams in the collective Palestinian universities.
measuring the level of optimism among the players volleyball excellent grade in the West Bank.
impact of the proposed training program on the development of some of the elements of physical fitness associated with the health of the squad Najah National Football League.
body composition and metabolism during rest with the players collective and individual games at An-Najah National University teams.
the nature of the social relationships between students of the Faculty of Education at the University of sports-Najah National
the level of narcissism among football players in the West Bank and its relationship with some variables.
measuring the change in the level of attitudes towards the practice of physical activity after a course of fitness-Najah National University.