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Fayez Mahamid

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Economics and Administrative Sciences
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[email protected]
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Short Curriculum Vitae

  • B. A. Psychology. 2000, An- Najah National University - G.P.A. very good (85.7), “Rank” First.
  • M. A. Psychological Counseling, 2003, Al – Yarmouk University - G.P.A Excellent (89.7)
  • PhD Psychological Counseling, 2013, Jordan University - G.P.A Excellent (3.96)
Employment history: 
  • (01/02ـــ 2/2003) working at Mohammad Ben Qasem Al Thaqafi Center for Juvenile Delinquencies and children with special needs in Jordan as a psychological counselors.
  • (09/2003ــ until now) working at An-Najah University as a lecturer at psychology and counseling dept.
  • (09/2003-08/2006) working at the Syndicate of Psychological and Social workers as a Trainer and Consultant.
  • (03/2004- 11/2004) working at the scientific Research center at An-Najah university as a psychological Evaluator.
  • (03/2004ــ 12/2004) working in the frame work of psychosocial project in central and northern villages of the West Bank as a General Supervisor and Trainer.
  • (09/2010- 06/2010) working at counseling center at Jordan university as a trainer and supervisor.
  • (02/2014-10/2014) Working with the Ministry of Education to evaluate counseling supervision services at public schools in Palestine.
Research Interests: 
  • Assesment and diagnosis in counseling
  • costructing and developing counseling programs
  • Supervision in counseling
  • -Counstucitng and developing psychological instruments
Research Groups: 
  • • The Role of Educational Counselling in Reducing Conduct Disorders among Primary students in Nablus Governorate(in process)
  • • The Efficacy of A group Counselling Program Based on Expressive Activities in Reducing Posttraumatic Symptoms and Improving the level of Self Awareness among A sample of Traumatized Children(in process).
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